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Research Projects

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Research & Development at Seinäjoki UAS carries out research projects in co-operation with companies and organisations. Research projects take place in all fields of activity at the university.

The research work done at the Seinäjoki UAS is applied research. An applied research project produces information, for which a practical application is sought. Practical solutions created as a result of an applied research project include new methods, applications, models or programmes.

Research projects implemented with project funding
are usually extensive and involve many partners in co-operation. R&D work has solid experience in the implementation of extensive joint projects, and also in their required project planning, partner commitment and applications for funding.

In commissioned research projects, new information is generated and then applied and transferred further to companies and organisations. Commissioned research projects can be carried out completely funded by one company.

Research projects carried out as theses. It is possible to do research projects carried as theses as part of a broader R&D project.

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