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Theses for Working Life

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Theses are a significant part of the university’s R&D activity. Theses are linked to the multi-layered entity of R&D activity, whose participants are students, teachers and representatives of working life.

At Seinäjoki UAS hundreds of theses are completed every year. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the university, both the subjects of the theses and their methods of implementation differ between faculties.

The aim of a thesis at the university is to develop and demonstrate a student’s skill in applying his/her knowledge and expertise to a practical specialist task related to vocational studies. In a thesis, knowledge and skills acquired in studies are applied to the requirements of practical working life.

In a thesis, a student’s ability is reflected in independent specialist tasks in his/her own field of study. Often a thesis also acts as the student’s bridge to working life: many jobs are found as a result of the theses.

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