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Study and Training Mobility

7taivas_opiskelijat_310x180.pngStudents of Seinäjoki UAS are recommended to do part of their studies abroad. It is possible to have a one semester or one academic year study mobility or training mobility abroad in a partner university or in working life. Each year approximately 180 students attending the Seinäjoki UAS study or do their internship abroad. More than 300 students go abroad for the shorter periods.

Seinäjoki UAS has approximately 250 international mobile students and trainees yearly. Study and training periods are usually one semester of one academic year. In addition there are international students studying in shorter intensive programmes at Seinäjoki UAS. Students come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States.

The most common mobility programmes are:

  • Erasmus +
  • North-South-South Higher Education Institution Programme (NSS)
  • Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Exchange Programme FIRST
  • Nordplus
  • Science without Borders
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