Admission Criteria for BBA, International Business

All applicants with the required qualification will be invited to the entrance examination.

There are 30 study places available in the study option Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business. Applicants are admitted using the two methods described below. The selection method 2B is used first, followed by the selection method 1.

Selection method 1

Entrance examination: 40 points

  • Study places allocated: 20
  • Available to all eligible applicants

Selection method 2B

School performance: 60 points
Entrance examination: 40 points

  • Study places allocated: 10
  • Only available to applicants who have completed the matriculation examination

Matriculation examination refers to:

Points awarded for school performance are based on the matriculation examination certificate. The grades will be collected directly from the Matriculation Examination Board.

matriculation examination Certificate
 L/E M
 Mother tongue*
 20 19 17 12 10
 Best language: advanced or (basic/intermediate) syllabus
 20 (19)
19 (18)
17 (16)
 12 (11)
 10 (9)
 Mathematics or best general subject test
 20 19 17 12 10

*Mother tongue is equivalent to the A1 language on an IB diploma and to the language corresponding to mother tongue on EB and RP diplomas

The conversion formula for EB, IB and Reifeprüfung Diplomas can be found at

Equal admission scores

In cases of equal admission scores, applicants will be ranked according:

  1. Points awarded for the entrance exam
  2. Points awarded for school performance
  3. The preferred programme ranking on the application form
If these criteria fail to produce a difference between tied applicants, all of the equally ranked applicants will be admitted.
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