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Cities of Seinäjoki and Ilmajoki


Frami Kampus ilmakuva 310 x 180.pngSeinäjoki is the heart of South Ostrobothnia. It has about 60.000 inhabitants and the land-area of about 1.450 km2. Life in Seinäjoki is dynamic, and a lot is going on in this compact city. A wide variety of educational institutions are located in the city, and it offers commercial, administrative and cultural services to the entire surrounding area.

The city of Seinäjoki is known, among other things, for its numerous summer events. Every year in July about 100.000 people from all over Finland come to Seinäjoki to take part in Finland’s biggest Tango Festival Tangomarkkinat. The event lasts for five days and it is visible everywhere in the city’s street scene. Another event in Seinäjoki, called Provinssirock, was the forerunner of the Finnish rock festival culture and gathers tens of thousands of visitors to Törnävänsaari every June. In 2013 Provinssirock was arranged for the 35th time. The newest summer event in Seinäjoki is Vauhtiajot (Race and Rock Festival), which is a combined motorsports event and a rock festival, lasting one weekend in July.

Friends of both culture and sports can find a lot of opportunities in Seinäjoki. You can try traditional Finnish sports, like skiing, skating, football, Finnish baseball etc. or go to a rock concert or a classical music concert. But if you want to try something not so conventional, in Seinäjoki you can also try, for example, glow bowling or pole-dancing!

Student life in Seinäjoki is quite vivid, and the student union SAMO, together with other student associations, organises a lot of different kind of sports and other events and parties. Nightlife in Seinäjoki has a lot to offer for every taste in music and atmosphere. In Marttilan Kortteeri dormitory area you can also find the Students’ Living room (Address: Puskantie 38 T, 60100 Seinäjoki.

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ilmajoki_kampus_uusi.pngIlmajoki lies about 15 km south-west from Seinäjoki. It has a typical South Ostrobothnian landscape with low-lying, fertile fields and a number of barns, referred to as the “sea of barns”. Ilmajoki has about 11.700 inhabitants in the land-area of 580 km2. The nearest cities are Seinäjoki (15km) and Vaasa (75km).

Ilmajoki is rich with tradition; you can get acquainted with the Ostrobothnian heritage at the Yli-Laurosela Farmhouse Museum, for example. Agriculture is very important source of livelihood in Ilmajoki, but there are a number of small and medium-sized companies operating in many different lines of business. For example, the most famous Finnish alcoholic beverage Koskenkorva is produced by Government-own company Altia in Ilmajoki, in the village of Koskenkorva.

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