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Student Pastor and Church Events

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences takes care of their students’ well-being also through the services of Student Pastor Ms Aila Orsila. All students may talk with the Student Pastor about their joys and sorrows no matter which religion or beliefs he/she may represent. Conversations with the Student Pastor are always confidential and cost-free. You may also ask for more information about different churches’ and organisations’ activities from the Pastor.Aila Orsila.jpg

The office of the Student Pastor is located in the centre of Seinäjoki.

Address: Keskuskatu 32, I entrance, 1st floor
(across the Campus House / Kampustalo building).

The Student Pastor is available for personal conservations with students. You may reach her by e-mail or phone to arrange a meeting.

Contact information:

GSM +35844 580 6651


Church events for international students

You all are warmly welcome to participate in all events and activities arranged by the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Seinäjoki. Especially we invite you to the events that we organise also in English. The events are open to all people regardless of religious background.

Chatting and Knitting on Tuesday evenings from 18:00 to 20:00 in Café Kismus (Kalevankatu 12, Seinäjoki). Starting at 19:45 pm you have a possibility to stay and join a short evening prayer. Welcome to meet people, learn knitting or just hang around!

Trips during spring 2015

Ice fishing and trip to Ähtäri-lake on March 19th. Trip costs 10 € and it includes lunch and bus transfer. Enroll to Aila by e-mail before 7.3.2015.

Pentecostal church of Seinäjoki

The Pentecostal church of Seinäjoki (Seinäjoen helluntaiseurakunta) organises many kind of activities in their premises in Vellamonrinne 1, Seinäjoki. Some of their meetings are interpreted into English. See for example the International fellowship evenings on Thursdays  at 18:30.

Catholic activities in Seinäjoki

The Holy Cross Parish of Tampere organises the following Holy Masses in the chapel of Lakeuden Risti church (Ala-Kuljunkatu 1, Seinäjoki):

  • Friday 30 January at 18:00 in the chapel of Lakeuden Risti
    (chapel is located next to the clock tower)
  • Friday 13 February at 18:00 in the parish hall of Lakeuden Risti
  • Friday 27 March at 18:00 in the parish hall of Lakeuden Risti
  • Saturday 25 April at 18:00 in the chapel of Lakeuden Risti
    (chapel is located next to the clock tower)


Islamic community in Seinäjoki

In Seinäjoki there is also a Mosque in Kampikuja 5, where there are prayers and worships. More information saladdin.84(a)gmail.com.

Latin dancing goes Gospel: ”Gospel-lattarit Seinäjoki”
On Mondays from 12 of January until 27 of April (not during weeks 9 and 15) at 18:00–19:00 in the gym hall of the Swimming and Sports Hall (Kirkkokatu 15, Seinäjoki). The structure of each class consists of prayer and easy coreographies to Christian music as well as some muscle recovery movements and stretching. The classes are aimed at women of all ages and the instruction is in Finnish. The classes are about solo dancing, not partnering. Student participation cost for the autumn season 30 euros per person. More information: gl.seinajoki@gmail.com.
Ask for more information about Church events from the Student Pastor!
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