Latin American Studies

Interested in getting to know Latin American lifestyle and culture? Do you wish to learn Spanish? Have you always wanted to study in Mexico?

If your answer is yes – then the Latin American Studies (30 ECTS) is for you! Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences will organize the Latin American Studies study module starting again in autumn semester 2015.

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Contents of the study module:
  • Orientation studies (5 ECTS) in Finland during winter 2015/2016: Spanish Language 3 ECTS and Introduction to Latin American Culture 2 ECTS (online) and
  • Business, Culture and Spanish studies (25 ECTS) in Mexico in CETYS Universidad (
    in spring semester (February – April) 2016.
Course contents in Mexico:

Mandatory courses which all participating students will attend, à 5 ECTS:
1. Transcultural behavior
3. Human Resources

Other courses of which the students can choose 2 courses à 5 ECTS:
1. Man, history and society
2. Logistics
3. International Business Seminar
4. International Promotion Strategy
5. Advance communication in English
6. Decision making in marketing

Spanish language 5 ECTS


2150 euros including: classroom instructions, study materials, lectures, accommodation (4 persons / suite with kitchen), visa and immigration fees, guided company and cultural visits and entrance fees, airport transportation (Tijuana or San Diego), visit to San Diego (USA) and Guadalupe Valley. 650 € of this should be paid in November 2015. Rest 1500 € will be paid as 500 € / month during the stay in Mexico.

Other than SeAMK students: SeAMK's fee 300 € to cover administrative and planning costs. Invoicing in January 2016.

Costs do not include the flight tickets from/to Finland or meals in Ensenada. Because of the airport tranportation the flight tickets should be booked as a group.

Visa will not be needed as long as you stay takes under 180 days.

Insurance is at your own responsibility. Check the insurance from your home university, own insurance company etc.  Please supply a copy of your insurance certificate one month prior to departure.

Students of Seinäjoki UAS can get a scholarship worth approximately 225 € / month and a travelling grant of 350 € (the amounts of Seinäjoki UAS's scholarships will be confirmed later and the students need to go through a separate application process for the grant).

More information:

SeAMK Students registrations by 31st of May 2015:

Fill in the Application_form Latin American Studies 2015.doc and return it by 31st of May 2015 to:

SeAMK International Office
Frami F, 2nd floor
P.O.Box 412, 60101 Seinäjoki

Other than SeAMK Students registrations by 11th of September 2015:

Fill in the Application_form Latin American Studies 2015 outside SeAMK.doc and return it by 11th of September 2015:

SeAMK International Office
Frami F, 2nd floor
P.O.Box 412, 60101 Seinäjoki

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