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School of Technology

School of Technology is located in Frami Campus in Seinäjoki, about 325 km from Helsinki. School of Technology is founded 1967 and it was merged with SeAMK in 1992. The number of students in the School of Technology is 1200 and the number of academic staff is 50.


  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Master of Engineering

Bachelor Programmes (and Specialisation Lines)

  • Automation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering (Building Construction)
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering (Automotive and Work Machine Engineering, Mechanical and Production)
  • Information Technology (Data Network Technology, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems)

Master Programmes

  • Automation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Technology Competence Management

Contact information

SeAMK Tekniikka -yksikön johtaja Heikki Rasku.

Heikki Rasku






Visiting address:
Kampusranta 9, Frami A,
60320 Seinäjoki

Postal address:
P.O. Box 64
FI-60101 Seinäjoki, FINLAND

Tel. +358 20 124 3000
E-mail: tekniikka(a)

Research & Development

The laboratories of the School of Technology are utilized as well for teaching as for testing services and R & D operation. Students can use the equipment in study-related tasks also outside the house.

In addition, we provide research, development and testing related services of the field for external customers.

Welcome to visit on the spot to see for yourself how a modern, cutting edge school can offer!


  • Automation Technology
  • Material Technology
  • Vehicle and Work Machine Technology
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Physics
  • Construction Technology
  • Machine and Production Technology
  • Information Technology

Research & Development contact information

Ari Sivula

Research and Development Manager