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SeAMK Campus

Campuses and education fields

The operations of SeAMK are mainly located on the Frami Campus at the city of Seinäjoki.

The Frami area, the main campus of SeAMK, serves some 5000 students. The fields of education at the Frami Campus includes agriculture, technology, culture, business, hospitality management, social work, elderly care and health care.

In addition, SeAMK has units also in other municipalities through the SeAMK Regional University. These units offer multiform adult education in the Cities of Alajärvi, Alavus, Kauhajoki, Kauhava, Kurikka and Ähtäri.

The entire Frami area constitutes a unique campus. Multidisciplinary cooperation between the teaching and RDI activities of the different fields will increase, and the opportunities to deepen cooperation with companies will improve further. Our close cooperation with the University Consortium of Seinäjoki will also find new forms.

Frami Campus

Virtual tour on SeAMK's Campus

Get to know SeAMK’s Campus in more detail on a virtual tour with 3D map and 360 images and videos.


Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has four faculties. The faculties offers education and research and development at the SeAMK Campus.

The School of Business and Culture

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Management
  • Library and Information Services

The School of Food and Agriculture

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality Management
  • Food Processing and Biotechnology

The School of Health Care and Social Work

  • Social Work
  • Heath Care

The School of Technology

  • Automation
  • Construction
  • Machinery