Circular Economy with Sustainability

SeAMK’s research, development and innovation (RDI) in circular economy supports sustainable and competitive development as well as fair and just transition in South Ostrobothnia region.

It aims at:

  • building up the skills and capacity of the key current and future stakeholders.
  • developing products and services for education export together with other Finnish universities of applied sciences.
  • supporting the regional targets for carbon neutrality.

Key themes in RDI

Sustainable Food System and Bioeconomy​

  • Promote sustainable use of renewable resource
  • Adaptationto the Climate Change and Low Carbon Innovations​
  • Reductionof Food Waste ​

Circular Business Models and Sustainable Growth​

  • Adaptationto the Climate Change and Low Carbon Innovations​
  • Development of network collaboration and governance
  • Development of new business models for SMEs
  • Strengthening the ability to change – e.g. fromlinear to circular​
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competence

​Sustainable Wellbeing in Inclusive Societies​

  • CircularEconomy in Wellbeing and Health Technology
  • Socialinclusion in transforming wellbeing and healthcare systems​

 Smart Technologies for Resource Wisdom​

  • Durability and Circularity of Building Materials
  • Resource Wisdomin Digitalization and IoT
  • Smart transportation and logistics
Circular Economy with Sustainability.
Figure illustrating the key themes in SeAMK’s research and development in circular economy.


Circular Economy and Sustainability in SeAMK’s Strategy

Responsibility and sustainable development have been taken into account in SeAMK’s strategy and operations. SeAMK has set carbon neutrality target by 2030 and a sustainable development program for the years 2020-2025. Based on SeAMK’s strategy, UN sustainable development goals will be included in the degree courses. At the same time, working life skills of the students in circular economy will be strengthened. The goal is that the sustainable development and circular economy are recognized through the studies. For example, 3 ECTS online course on sustainable development is open for all students.


Contact information

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Kari Laasasenaho

Senior RDI Expert