Digital Factory

SeAMK Digital Factory aims to deploy digital manufacturing and industrial internet to the manufacturing industry in the region. It consists of a digital manufacturing learning environment and an industrial internet laboratory. It serves as a learning environment for engineering education and as a Center of Excellence for companies. The environment includes product information and lifecycle management software, an automated production system, and operational and production management software with cloud services.

SeAMK’s Industrial Internet RDI Team aims to improve the manageability and predictability of production systems, which enable new business opportunities. The data collected from the production to the cloud service is analyzed and visualized for a better visual experience for the user. Better machine control and tracking make it possible to service traditional equipment sales, creating new business.

Digital Factory learning and development environment is illustrated in the following figure.


School of Technology has several laboratories supporting learning and RDI activities:

  • Robotics and Material Technology, see the Thinglink video here
  • Mechanical Engineering and Machining Technology, see the Thinglink video here
  • Digital Factory, see the YouTube video here
  • Automation Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Vehicle Technology

Contact information

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Juha Hirvonen

Principal Lecturer