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Frami Food Lab

The food laboratories of the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) create a unique multidisciplinary learning environment on the SeAMK Campus in the Frami area. Frami Food Lab brings together the students in the food chain under the same roof. The aim is to allow students to interact and collaborate with researchers and other partners. Also, the facilities allow companies to co-operate with SeAMK and make valuable R&D with students and university staff. The new facilities also support closer collaboration with international partners. Frami Food Lab ecosystem has been funded by European Regional Development Fund.


Food piloting environment

The Frami Food Lab is a unique education and testing platform for food processing technologies. Platform that can be used to explore different raw materials, like meat, dairy and cereal products as well as many kinds of beverages. In addition to education, laboratory platform can be utilized in R&D projects with partners and companies, both locally and internationally. The food laboratory covers an area of about 200 square meters.

Chemistry and biotechnology laboratory

The Laboratory of Chemical and Microbiology covers normal food analytics equipment. The space supports the requirements and learning of the Food Unit’s degree programs. The laboratory covers an area of about 100 square meters.

Research laboratory

The most accurate analysis equipment, including HPLC and UHPLC equipment, are placed in the research laboratory. Research is carried out in close collaboration with companies and science universities. The main funding for research comes from collaborative projects. The
laboratory covers an area of about 50 square meters.

Educational restaurant Prikka

Prikka restaurant offers for students opportunities to learn how to work in the real restaurant environment – how to plan, prepare and serve restaurant quality food. Also Prikka-restaurant enables sensory evaluations and acceptance tests for new products produced in the laboratory. The educational restaurant has 60 customer seats.

Robot and simulation laboratory

SeAMK simulation laboratory offers training environment for industrial processes, like automated product process controlling and simulation of industrial production lines. Also, there are a few robots in the laboratory to explore, for example, the use of automation in the food industry.

Frami Food Lab layout.
Frami Food Lab layout

Contact Information


Terhi Junkkari

Principal Lecturer





Karri Kallio

Karri Kallio

Research and Development Manager, Sustainable Food Solutions





Punahiuksinen nainen seisoo sivuttain ja hymyilee.

Taru Mäki

Research and Development Manager, Natural Resources and Bioeconomy





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