SeAMK’s experts in sustainable agri food solutions and food safety

SeAMK Food Experts’ RDI Group consists of 40 food researchers, of whom eight are PhDs and three Docents at the University of Helsinki. In addition to strong applied research, the group influences the development of the food chain by training entrepreneurs and experts, and by participating in regional, national and international work in the food sciences. Publications of the key researchers can be found by clicking the name.

Terhi Junkkari, PhD (Human Nutrition), a food science professional with almost 25 years’ experience. She has a wide understanding of R&D and production processes in food industry, market researches as well as category management in retail business. She also has experience in team leading, project management, consultancy and training. Currently, she is working as a lecturer of food development. Publications in food and nutrition science: 15 in international  journals, 4 in domestic journals.

Gun Wirtanen, DSc (Technology) has worked as a researcher and project manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, VTT Expert Services Ltd, DTU National Food Institute and University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute before joining SeAMK this year as a senior specialist. The topics of the projects have been related to microbiology of food and packaging, food safety in primary production, and equipment and process hygiene. Gun graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1988 and holds a Doctor of Technology in 1996. Gun has written over 400 publications, including: 98 professional journal articles in Finnish, Danish and Swedish, 57 originals, 32 requested books, 22 milk farm videos and 21 reports / books. Gun is actively involved in industry associations: European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), Nordiska Foreningen for Renhetsteknik och Rena Rum (R3Nordic) and Food Science Society (ETS).

Margit Närvä, PhD (Technology), Principal lecturer of Industrial Engineering and Management. She has a wide experience of the development and research activities of the food field. She has practical experience of the small and medium-sized companies of the food industry. Her research and development interest is relating to the  strategic management in SMEs, supply chain management, and process reengineering. Publications in international journals and conferences 15.

Samu Palander, D.Sc. (Agric.). Senior lecturer of animal husbandry with special emphasis on feed chemistry and technology and animal nutrition, especially in monogastric animals, and in addition experienced and responsible for teaching of research principles and methodology. Scientific work (at University of Helsinki, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Natural Resources Institute Finland) and several professional as well as scientific publications mainly on poultry nutrition and nordic feed ingredients.

Kaija Nissinen, Licentiate of Health Science (Nutrition), authorized nutritionist, Bachelor Degree in Catering Management, principal lecturer of nutrition. She has wide experience in the field of nutrition quality development in catering services. Her current research interest is related to nutritional questions of children’s food services at daycare. She is doing her PhD research in DAGIS research project, more info here. Publications in international journals and conferences 10.

Jarmo Alarinta, M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.), the senior lecturer of food processing and RDI manager at the School of Food and Agriculture. He has 25 years’ experience widely in the food sector (food industry, authorities, research and development, and education). His main focus is relating with new processing technologies.

Mr. Kari Laasasenaho, PhD (environmental technology) is working as a RDI expert at School of Food and Agriculture. Laasasenaho’s special skills are bio- and circular economy, renewable energy, environmental technology, and sustainable development in the food chain. He has over 5 year experience in research and development projects. He has also biology and earth science teacher qualification and practical experience in organic farming as well as several professional and scientific publications in the field.

By clicking the names, you can find the list of publications by the key experts.