SeAMK’s experts in Growth Entrepreneurship and Business Transfers

SeAMK’s experienced and multidisciplinary research group of growth entrepreneurship and business transfers has 18 members of whom seven are post doc researchers. Publications of the key researchers can be found by clicking the name.

Dr. Elina VaramäkiVice President of SeAMKgrowth entrepreneurship, business transfers, entrepreneurship intentions

Dr. Anmari Viljamaa, Principal Lecturergrowth entrepreneurship, business transfers, hybrid entrepreneurship

Dr. Sanna Joensuu-Salo, Principle Lecturer, growth entrepreneurship, market orientation, entrepreneurial intentions, business transfers

Dr. Kirsti Sorama, Principle Lecturer, growth entrepreneurship, business transfers, foresight

Dr. Marko Matalamäki, RDI Expert, growth entrepreneurship, strategic management

Dr. Anne-Maria Aho, Head of Master Degree Programmes, knowledge development, strategic management, commercialization of services

Dr. Petra Sippola, Lecturer, entrepreneurship, business development, sports entrepreneurship, financial law

Salla Kettunen, RDI Expert, business transfers, female entrepreneurship, growth entrepreneurship

Emilia Kangas (Ph.D Student), RDI Expert, female entrepreneurship, gender equality, leadership

Jutta Mäkipelkola (Ph.D Student), RDI Expert, entrepreneurship, business development and capabilities

Erkki Kytönen, Principal Lecturer, corporate finance, investment, corporate taxation

Henri Teittinen, Principal Lecturer, accounting, control systems, information systems

Pauliina Talvitie, Research and Development Manager

Hannu Tuuri, Lecturer, market research and statistics

Marja Katajavirta, RDI Expert, market research

Jenny Janhunen, Senior Lecturer, tourism entrepreneurship, product development, stakeholder engagement

Elina Järvinen, RDI Expert, tourism entrepreneurship

Sanna Jyllilä, RDI Expert, tourism entrepreneurship, Green Care


By clicking the names, you can find the list of publications by the key experts.