Examples of previous and on-going projects

On this page, you can find examples of previous and on-going projects of the School of Health Care and Social Work.

  • Child-up

    Children Hybrid Integration: Learning Dialogue as a way of Upgrading Policies of Participation

    • Funding: EU Horizon2020 (grant agreement number 822400)
    • Duration: 1.1.2019 – 31.12.2021
    • Coordinator: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia UniMore (IT)
    • Partners: EHS Zentrum (GER), ESHA (NL), IIHL (IT), Jagiellonian University (POL), Malmö University (SWE), SeAMK (FIN), Université Liège (BEL), University of Northampton (GBR), UniMore (IT)

    Aims to

    • better understand the conditions of social and personal life of migrant children to improve the level of their well-being and active participation within schools and in the social context
    • identify and analyse inspiring practices to understand and transform the social condition of migrant children
    • offer schools tools to reflect on and act for a successful inclusion of migrant children
    • provide relevant evidence to current policy debate and to stimulate the adoption of research-based public policies at the local, national and EU levels

     SeAMK’s role in the project

    • Responsible for a quantitative study on children’s and their parents’ experiences on school and social relations, conducted in seven European countries

    More detailed information can be found at the project website, please click here.

    Contact person:

    Maiju Kinossalo, Project Manager


    +358 40 830 0346

  • SEIL – Smart, easy and independent living

    Welfare Technology in a Cross Sectoral Learning Environment

    • Funding: Erasmus+ KA2
    • Duration: 1.9.2019 – 31.8.2022
    • Coordinator: Mosjøen videregående skole (NO)
    • Partners: Stichting voor Christelijk beroepsonderwijs en volwassen educatie Friesland/Flevoland (NL), Fundação de Ensino Profissional da Praia da Vitória (PT), City of Kouvola (FI), Sedu (FI), SeAMK (FI)

    Aims to

    • combine the competences of technical, safety and health care education in order to boost the technological focus in health care education by applying a cross sectoral teaching and learning approach
    • develop curriculum delivery that meets the changing demand for new skills in the health sector

     SeAMK’s role in the project

    • brings the latest research and updated solutions of welfare technology to this project, and advise the partnership on current trends.
    • provides relevant networks such as Multidimensional Group for Homecare Support and the European eHealth for Regions.
    • advises on objectives to be included in the European study unit based on their wide experience in international welfare technology projects and education development.
    • provides up-to-date simulation premises for the project’s learning, teaching and training activities

    Results and impact envisaged

    • In short-term: The partners will develop and apply a cross-sectoral methodology internally. This will enhance the relevance of health care education.
    • In long-term: Each partner will bring their experience and knowledge into an amalgamated European study Unit observing both contents and methodology, and make it available in the European Knowledge Community of Welfare Technology (ECWT).

    The potential longer term beneficiaries will be future health care employees and managers, health care providers and their clients, as they will receive employees with relevant competences and ability to develop their skills in cooperation with professions with supplementary competences.

    Contact person:

    Sami Perälä, Development Manager


    +358 40 830 0320