SeAMK’s experts in Wellbeing Technology supporting Transforming Societies

SeAMK’s Team in Wellbeing Technology supporting Transforming Societies has eleven members. They have extensive experience in managing and implementing international projects, providing education on health and wellbeing technologies and their use, as well as in developing assisted living technology services and processes. Publications of the researchers can be found by clicking the name.

Dr. Katja Valkama, Research and Development Manager and Principal Lecturer, School of Health Care and Social Sciences

Sami Perälä, Development Manager, Wellbeing Technology

Dr. Merja Hoffren-Mikkola, Principal Lecturer

Dr. Jenni Kulmala, Principal Lecturer

Dr. Mari Salminen-Tuomaala, Principle Lecturer

Dr. Pedro Moreno Sánchez, RDI Expert, Researcher

Jaana Vainionpää, Project Manager, HyTeAI

Tanja Aronsen, Project Manager

Arttu Mustajärvi, Expert in RDI (on study leave)

Jouko Lakaniemi, Expert in RDI

Dr. Tiina Hautamäki, Principal Investigator, Child-up H2020 project

Maiju Kinossalo, Project Manager, Child-up H2020 project

Dr. Henna Jousmäki, Researcher, Child-up H2020 project


By clicking the names, you can find the list of publications by the key experts.