Seinäjoki Home of Wellbeing – SeiHoW Lab

The Telemedicine Center is complemented by a lab demonstrating intelligent future home with modern equipment and services, which enable high quality, safe and active living at home for elderly people. This development is funded by European Regional Development Fund through the project ‘Artificial Intelligence, mHealth and Robotics as Reformers in the Welfare Sector in South Ostrobothnia’ implemented in 2019-2021.

SeiHoW Lab is equipped with Home Automation System that can be operated by Amazon Alexa as well as the Tobii Dynavox plus eye tracking and speed recognition equipment. Home Automation System includes Smart refrigerator with remote camera function, Philips Hue smart lights stove guard (If necessary it sounds an alarm and cuts off the cooker power before the fire ignites), remote controlled coffee maker and kettle, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Smart air purifier, Battery powered smart security camera, Battery powered video doorbell and Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector.

A room with various health-related equipment and TV monitors as well as a kitchenette and a long table with chairs.
Photo is illustrating the SeiHow Lab.


In SeiHoW Lab there is Personal health and healthcare technology, e.g. Blood pressure monitor, Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, Accurate sEMG-sensor for muscle training response measurement, Pocket spirometer that measures values directly on your smartphone and Blood sugar monitor with smartphone app.

Virtual Reality equipment such as Rehabwall (Multiprofessional rehabilitation tool which uses Touchscreen, VR-technology, motion sensor and balance board), Magic Carpet (an interactive projection system that displays motion responsive games and activities on to floors, tables and beds) and Oculus Rift S VR-glasses are included in the lab as well.

A large TV monitor on a stand.
Photo is illustrating the RehabWall.


Robots in SeiHoW Lab include Pepper and Cruzr Humanoid Robots, Lea Robot Rollator (LEA is a rollator robot with sensors, cameras, a tablet, speakers and motors) and Somnox sleep robot (Pillow like sleep robot which has breathing simulation and relaxation audio).

A humanoid robot in a homelike environment.
Photo is illustrating the Cruzr Humanoid Robot.


The premises and equipment will be used for training the local wellbeing companies as well as wellbeing students and professionals about the new technological solutions. The premises and equipment will also be used as a showroom to demonstrate possibilities in new smart home living that will prolong the time elderly people can live in their home and in rural areas. In the SeiHoW Lab we can show elderly people and their care givers how personal Healthcare technology and home automation can help living at home and to give it more quality. With virtual reality equipment rehabilitation can be made more effective and give rehabilitation new aspect when using game-like equipment. Virtual reality will also be used in wellbeing students and professionals´ education and in further education. Simulation methodology can be used in SeiHoW Lab due to portable simulation equipment.

After the Project Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences is committed to continue developing the environment further. SeAMK will also plan and implement new projects in the field of wellbeing technology and these new projects will make use of existing equipment and environment.

In the future, there will be Living Lab and Test Bed actions that provide start-ups and companies innovating new welfare technology possibilities to test their innovations in a real-life kind of environment and to get feedback from real end-users.  In the SeiHoW Lab there will be small scale actions that are subject to a charge.

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