Fact sheet for mobility activities | SeAMK

Fact sheet for mobility activities

Institutional information for mobility partners

Name of institution: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Abbreviation: SeAMK

Erasmus code: SF SEINAJO06
PIC: 949711578
OID: E10110096
SCHAC: seamk.fi

Postal address: SeAMK International Education Services, P.O. Box 412, FI-60101 Seinäjoki, Finland
Street address for location: Kampusranta 11, Seinäjoki, Frami F building
Email: international.office(a)seamk.fi

Contact persons for mobility activities

Staff mobilities and agreements: Ms Marjo Arola, Head of International Education Services, marjo.arola(a)seamk.fi
Incoming students: Ms Jonna-Maria Peltoniemi, Coordinator, International Education Services, incoming(a)seamk.fi (Maria Loukola is on parental leave starting from 16 May 2022)
Outgoing students: Ms Tiina Välimäki, Coordinator, International Education Services, outgoing(a)seamk.fi

Information for planning incoming student exchanges and Double Degree studies

Programmes and course descriptions: www.seamk.fi/exchangeprogrammes
Language of tuition: English
Language requirement: Level B2. The sending institution evaluates that the nominated students’ language skills are at a suitable level for actively participating in tuition.
Other entry requirements and guidelines: The applicants should be students enrolled at a partner institution of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The students are each nominated to follow one SeAMK exchange programme, which matches their previous study background at the sending institution. Most exchange studies at SeAMK take place at the professional studies level of the Bachelor programmes, that is 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor studies.
Double Degree students follow the same application process as regular exchange students, more information about Double Degrees at SeAMK: Double Degree Programmes | SeAMK
Credits and grades: One semester of full-time exchange studies normally includes about (20-)30 ECTS credits worth of courses for each student, which is also compliant with the Erasmus+ programme guidelines. One credit equals to about 27 hours workload, including participation in tuition and also independent work, assignments, group work time etc. Courses are graded on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest/best score. The workload is the same for practical training credits. More about SeAMK assessment scale: Study practices | Opinto-opas (seamk.fi)

Academic calendar for exchange and Double Degree students

Autumn semester 2 September – 16 December 2022: 

(Arrival to student housing: 1 September OR if already in August, agree on August rent with the housing company)
Orientation days: 2 September & 5 September
Tuition, including all exams: 6 September – 16 December
Semester Ending Ceremony for exchange and Double Degree students (incl. Letter of Confirmation from the autumn semester): 16 December
(Transcript of Records: sent to student’s email in January)

Spring semester 21 February – 25 May 2023:

(Arrival to student housing: mid-February OR even early February – the rental agreement is normally valid from the first of the month)
Orientation days: 21-22 February
Tuition, including all exams: 23 February – 25 May
Semester Ending Ceremony for exchange and Double Degree students (incl. Letter of Confirmation from the spring semester): 25 May
(Transcript of Records: sent to student’s email in June)

Exceptions in these timetables are possible e.g. in case of practical training or shorter than one semester exchanges.

Nominations and applications

Timetable: Nominations from sending instututions to incoming(a)seamk.fi by 15 April for studies starting in the autumn semester, by 15 October for the spring semester. After review of the nominations, the students get access to the SoleMove system for filling in their online application, by 15 May for studies starting in the autumn semester, by 15 November for the spring semester. The accepted students are contacted by email, with an enclosed Acceptance Letter and instructions for next steps in the process, from mid to late June for studies starting in the autumn semester, and from mid to late December for the spring semester.

Application enclosures: Learning Agreement (LA) for studies or training, current Transcript of Records in English, photo

Instructions for nominations and applications: How to Apply – Exchange Students | SeAMK

Practical information for accepted exchange and Double Degree students

Housing: A company called Sevas organises the student housing in the city of Seinäjoki. Most of the furnished apartments aimed at international students are located on campus. The student housing situation in the city is very good, the students do not need to worry about getting an apartment. The approximate cost of rent per month is about 300-350 euros, including electricity, heating, water (tap water in Finland is very pure and drinkable!), Internet connection, and use of laundry room and sauna facilities, but of course the price may be also higher in case the student wants to rent a studio or a bigger apartment. Normally a place in exchange student housing might be e.g. in an apartment with 2-3 private bedroom/bathroom combinations + shared kitchen facilities. After acceptance to the programmes, the accepted exchange and Double Degree students’ name list is provided to Sevas by SeAMK Coordinator, and the Coordinator will also provide the accepted students with instructions on how to apply for student housing.
Entry formalities (visa, residence permit, registration of stay as an EU citizen etc.): Entry Formalities | SeAMK
Insurances: Each incoming exchange and Double Degree student must have a valid insurance package for the whole time of the stay, including both school time as well as free time and travelling: accident insurance, health insurance, especially in case of training also liability/legal insurance. SeAMK does not provide any insurances.
Arrival: Students are recommended to arrive to Helsinki Airport and travel by train to Seinäjoki. The train station of Seinäjoki is on a short walking distance from both the student housig office and most of the student apartments, as well as the campus. All incoming students are instructed during the acceptance phase on a) how to inform SeAMK about their exact arrival time to Seinäjoki, in order for the student tutors to meet with the incoming students at Seinäjoki train station, b) how and when to get their apartment key from Sevas, and c) where and when the orientation days will start.

Contact for more information regarding incoming exchange and Double Degree students: incoming(a)seamk.fi