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At SeAMK, you can now study sports business and learn practical skills through electronic sports projects. The project has been planned and piloted starting from spring 2022. From autumn2023 onwards, the courses will be available in Finnish in the autumn and in English in the spring. Once you have completed the project, you will be more familiar with the sports business and will be able to plan, implement and market various events. The course also provides an opportunity to network with other interested students and to get in touch with actors in the field in Finland and internationally.

Content of the study module

The Finnish and English language degree programmes in business administration offer an electronic sports business study module (5/11 ECTS) open to all SeAMK degree students, to which it is also possible to combine other courses in sports business in Finnish (15 ECTS) or in English (10 ECTS). The studies can be included in the degree either as professional studies or as elective studies, depending on the degree programme (discuss this in more detail with your own study counsellor).  The courses do not require any previous knowledge or competence in the game industry, and project work may involve tasks ranging from gaming and coaching to event organization, marketing and management. The module lasts one semester and the intention is to seamlessly continue to develop the activities based on the experiences of the previous group.

Both modules begin with a theory course and continue with a practical project course with SeAMK’s own team(s) through projects related to event organisation and marketing. Currently, SeAMK has its own team in the CS:GO Educational Masters league. In the future, other games may also be included.

Registration for the courses takes place normally through Peppi. However, only limited number of students can be selected for project studies from those who have completed a theory course.  Registration for all courses is open and you can register immediately. Finnish-speaking students can also enrol in the spring’s English-language module if it fits better into their schedules. The studies are completed  at the end of the afternoons or in the evenings, and they do not hinder the completion of studies in your own field.

SeAMK’s teaching offering related to sports businessn and electronic sports for the academic year 2023-24

 Structure of studies in the autumn:

  • eSports – Basics of Electronic Sports Business 5 ECTS credits
  • Electronic Sports Project 6 ECTS credits

Structure of studies in the spring:

  • eSports Management 5 ECTS
  • eSports Management Project 6ECTS

Sports Management (15 ECTS) in Finnish:

  • Sports Business 5 ECTS (autumn)
  • Sports Marketing 3 ECTS credits (autumn)
  • Building an athlete’s brand 2 ECTS credits (spring)
  • Sports Technology and Digitalisation 5 ECTS credits (spring)

Sports Management (10 ECTS) in English:

  • Sport Business 5 ECTS credits (autumn)
  • Sport and Event Marketing 5 ECTS (autumn)

Further information

Kimmo Kulmala

Senior Lecturer