Sport Business studies

SeAMK has added a variety of sports-related courses that can be used for professional studies or elective studies almost regardless of the degree programme. In the International Business programme, these studies are automatically professional studies.

All Finnish courses, excluding eSports project cours, can be completed either fully online or with a hybrid model during the evening hours. English courses are standard courses. In the future, the eSports Management theory course will also be offered as an open online course (MOOC).

The studies focus on the social significance of sport, economical and legal aspects, sports technology, sports marketing, sponsorship and personal branding.

In addition, top athletes can participate in the activities of the South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy.

SeAMK’s courses related to sports business for the academic year 2023-24

Sport and eSport Business 15 ECTS (in English)

  • Sport Business 5 ECTS
  • Sport and Event Marketing 5 ECTS

Registration for courses

Registration for courses takes place through Peppi. Only a limited number of students who have completed the theory course can be selected for project courses.

Registration for all courses is open and you can register immediately. Finnish-speaking students can also register for the English-language courses in the spring if it suits their schedules better.

The studies are carried out at the end of the afternoons or in the evenings and they do not hinder the completion of studies in one’s own degree programme. In the project course, the studies of the students selected for the course in their own field are taken into account as far as possible.