Sports Academy

Are you a top athlete of the future and want to complete a university degree? Do you miss your studies as a counterweight to sports? At the South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy, you can combine studying and sports at SeAMK, enabling good results in both.

Services for sports and studying

As a student of SeAMK who plays sports, you can participate in the activities of the South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy, where coaching is offered, e.g. for football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, floorball, track and field sports as well as endurance sports and in multi-sport teams. You get to train in top conditions at the The Kuortane Olympic Training Center and Seinäjoki city’s sports facilities as well as in Ilmajoki and Lapua. These facilities, combined with the high-quality learning environments of SeAMK Campus, offer you the best environment to develop as a student and athlete.

An athlete selected as a degree student at SeAMK can apply to the South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy under certain conditions. The Sports Academy is intended for athletes who are at or aspiring to national or international level, who are committed to completing their studies and goal-oriented training.

The Sports Academy offers support for sports through coaching and training places as well as other support services (e.g. testing, muscle care and health services). You will also receive support for creating a personal study and training plan, which will help you advance your university studies.

Utilising Sports Academy training in studies

In your studies, you can make use of the capabilities produced by sports and coaching. The skills you have acquired can be credited as part of degree studies where applicable. You prepare a personal study plan together with the study counsellor or the head of degree programme.

Info session on combining studies and sports at SeAMK on 23 September 2024

Come and hear more about combining studies and sports at SeAMK on Monday, 23 September 2024 at 16-17 in class F209.

If you are a multimodal student at SeAMK, you have the opportunity to participate in the event remotely via Teams (inquiries: johanna.koivula(at)

In the info, you will hear about combining studies and goal-oriented sports, sports studies and cooperation patterns in terms of coaching.

The South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy’s coaching coordinator Jarno Ihme and SeAMK’s Sports Academy liaison Johanna Koivula will host the event.


Applying to the Sports Academy

The primary application period for those studying at a university to the South Ostrobothnia Sports Academy is between July 15 and September 22. Read the application instructions here in Finnish >>

A study place at SeAMK is applied for through the normal application procedure in the joint application of higher education institutions or SeAMK’s direct application. See SeAMK’s study offer and application instructions here >>

SeAMK's Sports Academy liaison


Johanna Koivula

Student counsellor, Senior Lecturer