Academic Information for Students |

Academic Information for Students

This page includes academic information for the international degree and exchange students of SeAMK. On this page you will find information about the Academic Calendar, Study Guide, International Activities, and so on.

You can find some information about living in the City of Seinäjoki and the support services available for international students on the page Practical Information for Students.

Welcome to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences!

For Degree Students

Academic Year 2023–2024

The timetables for the first classes in each semester and in each programme will be informed to all students before the semester begins.

Dates when tuition is not provided (autumn semester 2023 and spring semester 2024)

6 December 2023 (Independence day)

29 March to 1 April 2024 (Easter)
1 May 2024 (Labour Day)
9 May 2024 (Ascension Day)

Student Services

Student Services offers services related to academic and social issues.

The Student Services of SeAMK handles issues regarding student applications, selection, financial aid, student study rights and studying in general, as well as counselling and consultation pertaining to student affairs.

You need to pay a fee for some of the services see Student service rates.

Contact Information

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Student Services




+358 20 124 5055

Study Guide

In the Study Guide, you can find the curricula of all degree programmes with detailed descriptions of the courses. Additionally, the Study Guide contains general information about Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and some useful general information for the students.

Study Counselling

The overall purpose of study counselling is to support students with achieving the general goals of their studies. For example, consultation and advice can be provided in choosing a suitable professional direction and career planning, assistance in recognition of prior learning, as well as assistance throughout the progression of studies and problem solving advice regarding any difficulties during the studies.

Study counselling is based on the SeAMK student counselling guidelines, SeAMK accessibility guidelines and SeAMK guidelines for recognition of prior learning. Each faculty of SeAMK is responsible for executing study counselling according to the guidelines of the faculty.

A student has a right to counselling services throughout his/her study period. Counselling and consultation is provided in all stages of students’ education, as group consultation and individually, based on individual needs. Counselling is provided pertaining to studies and practical training as well as personal study planning. The student is responsible for participating in the counselling as needed. Being active and having a desire to receive counselling are crucial factors in student counselling.

Open University of Applied Sciences

Complete courses of Bachelor degree or Master degree programmes regardless of your educational background and age. Open University of Applied Sciences gives you a chance to improve your professional competencies.

Study Mobility and Practical Training Abroad

Every SeAMK student has an opportunity to do a part of his/her studies or practical training abroad. Mobility period can be a short intensive course abroad (1-2 weeks) or longer study mobility or practical training abroad (2-12 months). Mobilities are supported by different grants. More information: SeAMK International Education Services Team

Each year approximately 100 students attending SeAMK study abroad or do their internship abroad. Annually more than 150 students also go abroad for shorter periods, e.g. for intensive courses.

SeAMK has approximately 270 incoming exchange students and trainees yearly for one or two semesters  and approximately 150 incoming students in shorter exchange periods, such as intensive courses. Students come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States.


For Exchange Students

Academic Year 2022-2023

The start and end date of each exchange programme can be found on each exchange programme site.

The first two days of the programme are orientation days. The programme dates also include all exam periods. The exchange student semester ends with a semester closing ceremony, where the students receive a Letter of Confirmation of their stay. Transcripts of Records are sent to exchange students one month after the end of each semester.

Dates when tuition is not provided (autumn 2022 and spring 2023)

6 December 2022 (Independence day)

7 April to 10 April 2023 (Easter)
1 May 2023 (Labour Day)
18 May 2023 (Ascension Day)

Study Guide

The course descriptions can be found in the Study Guide link under each exchange programme site. General information about ECTS grading system and Diploma Supplement can be found from the Study Guide as well.

The exchange students of SeAMK are also eligible to choose Campus Online courses during their exchange semester.

All exchange programmes of SeAMK are offered in English language.

The exchange students can participate in a Finnish Language and Culture course specially aimed at their needs. You will learn survival Finnish and will be able to communicate for e.g. in a shop and at a restaurant. Additionally, you will also familiarize yourself with Finland as a country and the Finnish way of living.

Accessibility at SeAMK: Exchange students may need accessibility services while their studies at SeAMK. Before the exchange, contact your international office for extra support for the exchange period, and then contact the coordinator of SeAMK International Mobility Services. More information can be found from study guide and more general information here (pdf).