How to Apply – Degree Programmes

Online application

Fill in an online application at during the application period 9-24 January 2018. The application closes at 15.00 (+ 2 GMT) on 24 January. For possible further application dates, please follow information on this page and at Studyinfo.

SeAMK offers the following study options:

Follow the links above to find detailed instructions and the admission criteria.

Fill in the application yourself and use your own contact details. This ensures that you receive all important information directly from the higher education institution. Follow the instructions carefully and submit the application only after checking it. Print out the application form or write down your application number for future reference.

The order of the options

You may apply for as many as six options in the joint application to higher education in Finland. The order of the options should be chosen carefully. If you are not admitted to the option of your first preference, it will be checked whether your points are enough for your second preference etc. If you are accepted to a higher option, you cannot be accepted to your lower options in any circumstance.

You can be placed on a reserve place for a programme of higher preference if you have been admitted to a programme of a lower choice and you have not confirmed to accept any other study place.

Admission results

The admission results will be published by 7 May 2018 at the latest.

Contact Information

Admission Services


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