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How to Apply – Exchange Students

Application process 

NB! SeAMK has an online application system called SoleMove for all exchange and Double Degree applications. Please don’t send applications by email.

1) Contact the International Coordinator/International Office at your home institution and get a permission to apply to the exchange/Double Degree programme.

2) The home institution will nominate their candidates by email to incoming(a) by 15 April for the next autumn semester and by 15 October for the next spring semester. 

Nomination should include:

  • student’s first name,
  • student’s last name (family name),
  • gender,
  • date of birth,
  • email address,
  • field of studies at home university, and
  • chosen exchange programme at SeAMK – the programme should match the previous study background of the applicant.

We need also the following information:
a) is the student nominated in the programme for one or two semesters (please see availability of programmes each semester at and
b) is the student nominated as double degree student (only based on a specific double degree agreement between SeAMK and the sending institution).

3) Complete your application:

  • After nomination, student will get information to her/his email on how to apply online via the ‘SoleMove’ system. Please follow the instructions. Sometimes SoleMove instructions email goes to spam mail, please check it. SoleMove is normally opened for the nominated students approximately one month before the application time ends.
  • Exchange student application for studies (includes normal student exchanges, Double Degree studies, and exchanges which combine practical training with courses):
    Fill in the Application Form in SoleMove. Each student needs to download these documents in the Enclosures section of the online application form:

        • Learning Agreement (LA) for Studies. Please remember that a normal workload per semester is 20-30 ECTS credits (30 ECTS for DD students). Please follow also the more specific instructions related to choosing the courses on the programme website / Course Offering list. The LA is saved as a pdf, signed by the student and home institution, before downloading it on the application form. If you use OLA instead, you should download a pdf copy to Solemove enclosures as well. SeAMK coordinator will sign both, pdf and OLA.
        • Transcript of Records in English
        • Photo.
  • Exchange student application for practical training (refers to internships without courses, only in special cases where SeAMK and the partner institution have agreed on the internship beforehand):
    Fill in the Application Form in SoleMove. Each student needs to download these documents in the Enclosures section of the online application form:

        • Agreement (LA) for Traineeship. The planned ECTS credits should match the planned training hours according to the ECTS crediting system. Important: SeAMK does not offer insurances for incoming exchange students or trainees.
        • Transcript of Records in English 
        • Photo.
  • Submit your application in SoleMove by 15th of May for studies starting in the autumn semester and by 15 November for the spring semester.
  • SeAMK coordinator contacts all accepted students by late June for studies starting in the autumn semester and in December for spring semester. The coordinator informs the accepted students on all practical information involved in the exchange, including housing application (only after acceptance letter!).
  • Every exchange student must have a valid insurance package for the whole time of their stay, both for the time related to studies studies/training, as well as free time and travelling: accident insurance, health insurance, liability/legal insurance in case of training. SeAMK does not have insurances for incoming exchange students or trainees. Students from the EU countries should bring with them the European Health Insurance Card, which ensures them getting same pricing for public health care prices as locals. Double Degree students can read about the mandatory fee for The Finnish Student Health Service on the Double Degree website: Double Degree Programmes | SeAMK

Questions? Send email to incoming(a) Please notice! Maria Loukola is on parental leave from 16 May 2022 onwards, and Jonna Peltoniemi is now working as incoming coordinator. You will reach her at incoming(a)

SoleMove access, only available for nominated students (after receiving email instructions and logging in via the email link): SoleMove

All the application documents will be handled according to the GDPR regulations.


Effects of COVID-19 / AUTUMN SEMESTER 2022

SeAMK welcomes nominations from partner institutions all over the world.

We follow the official regional, national and EU level COVID-19 instructions –> please follow the websites of Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.


Effects of Covid-19 / SPRING SEMESTER 2022

Due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, SeAMK has decided to open the application period for the spring semester 2022 for students coming from the EU area, Switzerland and the UK. We really hope and believe that applications will be possible globally again for the autumn (September – December) 2022.

Due to the ongoing and unpredictable COVID-19 situation, exchange student applicants should be aware of the following:

  • SeAMK requires a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination from all incoming exchange students concerning the spring semester 2022. SeAMK’s Security Management Team made this decision for the academic year 2021-2022 because the COVID-19 situation is still unclear and unpredictable.
  • SeAMK’s aim is to organise the teaching face-to-face but be aware that teaching can can also be hybrid or fully online, and the mode of the teaching can be suddenly changed depending on the corona situation.
  • SeAMK may cancel the exchange even at short notice if the corona situation gets radically worse. SeAMK is not responsible for the financial costs in case of possible cancellations or interruptions.
  • There may be interruptions, restrictions or bans to international travel in Finland, Europe or globally. SeAMK is not responsible for the financial costs due to any requirements or restrictions by the authorities.
  • Every exchange student
    • undertakes to follow the instructions and rules given by the authorities and SeAMK.
    • is responsible for the possible costs of the quarantines and tests if they are required by the authorities.
    • is responsible for the sufficient insurance coverage, in particular checking the validity of the insurance in different situations caused by COVID-19.
  • Depending on the COVID-19 situation, SeAMK may require exchange students to be quarantined for a specific time before entering SeAMK campus after arriving in Finland. The exchange student is responsible for the organization and costs of quarantine by her-/himself.
  • During the application process every exchange student is required to confirm that they are aware of the above mentioned.
  • Information about Covid-19 in Finland

Exchange Studies and Combined Exchanges (Studies + Traineeship)

Traineeship Exchange