How to Apply – Exchange Students |

How to Apply – Exchange Students

Application process 

SeAMK has an online application system called SoleMove for all exchange and Double Degree applications. Please don’t send applications by email.

1) Contact the International Coordinator / International Office at your home institution. They will instruct you on how to apply for exchange or double degree studies and contact SeAMK on your behalf.

2) The home institution will nominate their candidates by email to incoming(a) by 15 April for the next autumn semester and by 15 October for the next spring semester.
The nomination needs to include following information:

  • student’s last name/s (family name)
  • student’s first name/s (given name)
  • gender,
  • date of birth,
  • email address,
  •  subject at the home university and semester,
  •  exchange programme at SeAMK (required to be related the study background of the applicant),
  • planned duration of the programme at SeAMK (one or two semesters)
  • double degree student (only if valid double degree agreement exists between SeAMK and the sending institution).

Applicant is required to select course(s) or programme relevant to his/her major study. Each exchange student follows one exchange or double degree programme at SeAMK and should be nominated to that specific programme by the home institution.

Programme info:
Exchange Programmes | SeAMK
Double Degree Programmes| SeAMK

3) Complete your application:
After nomination, student will get information to her/his email on how to apply online via the ‘SoleMove’ system. Please follow the instructions on the email. (if you did not get this email please check your spam mail).  SoleMove is normally opened for the nominated students approximately one month before the application time ends.

Application instructions for exhange and double degree studies as well as practical training

There are two types of applications. Applications for studies and application for practical training. Please read the relevant instructions from below:

1) Application for studies
Studies include student exchanges, Double Degree studies, and combination exchanges with practical training  and studies combined. Fill in the application form in SoleMove. Please download following documents in the Enclosures section of the online application form:

  • Learning Agreement (LA) for Studies. A normal workload per semester is 20-30 ECTS credits and 30 ECTS for Double Degree students. Please follow more specific instructions related to choosing the courses on the programme website,  course offering list. Also make note: course changes to the orginal Learning Agreement can only be made for good reasons after the exchange period has started. For example due to overlapping courses.  The Learning Agreement needs to be signed by the student and home institution, before downloading it on the application form as a pdf file.  If you use Online Learning Agreement please download a pdf copy to SoleMove enclosures section as well. SeAMK coordinator will sign both, pdf and OLA.
  • Transcript of Records in English
  • Photo.

2) Application for practical training 
Practical training is an internships without studies (courses). SeAMK and the partner institution have agreed about the internship beforehand.
Fill in the application form in SoleMove. Please download following documents in the enclosures section of the online application form:

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship. The planned ECTS credits should match the planned training hours according to the ECTS crediting system.
    Important: SeAMK does not offer insurances for incoming exchange students or trainees. It is important to have valid insurance before the start of your training. 
  • Transcript of Records in English
  • Photo.

Submit your application in SoleMove by 15th of May for studies starting in the autumn semester and by 15 November for the spring semester.

SeAMK coordinator contacts all accepted students by late June for studies starting in the autumn semester and in December for spring semester. The coordinator informs the accepted students on all practical information involved in the exchange, including housing application. 

Every exchange student must have a valid insurance package for the whole time of their stay, both for the time related to studies studies/training, as well as free time and travelling: accident insurance, health insurance, liability/legal insurance in case of training. SeAMK does not have insurances for incoming exchange students or trainees.

Students from the EU countries should bring with them the European Health Insurance Card, which ensures them getting same pricing for public health care prices as locals.

 The Double Degree students are entitled to the Finnish Student Health Services.

Questions? Send email to incoming(a)

SoleMove access is only available for nominated students (after receiving email instructions and logging in via the email link): SoleMove

All the application documents will be handled according to the GDPR regulations.

Empty Learning Agreements for Exchange Studies and Combined Exchanges (Studies + Traineeship)

Empty Learning Agreements for Traineeship Exchange