Start of Studies

On this page, you can find all practical information you need when starting your studies at SeAMK.

Please note, that changes and updates are possible. Therefore, please follow this page regularly.

Welcome to start your studies on SeAMK Campus!

  • Commencement of studies

    The studies begin as follows:

    • Bachelor of Engineering, Agri-food Engineering: 2 September 2024
    • Bachelor of Engineering, Automation Engineering: 2 September 2024
    • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business: 2 September 2024
    • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing: 23 August 2024
    • Master of Business Administration, International Business Management:  2 September 2024


    Orientation day on 23 August for the following bachelor programmes: Nursing.

    Orientation days on 2-3 September for the following bachelor programmes: Agri-food Engineering, Automation Engineering, International Business and International Business Management. The orientation programme will be partly available also online. You can still arrive in Seinäjoki during the weekend before the orientation days.

  • Studies on SeAMK Campus or online?

    Automation engineering (AE24), Agri-food engineering (AFE24), International business (IB24) and International Business Management (IBM24) students can study online until the end of December 2024.

    You have to contact Andres Mendez (andres.mendez(at) and do the check-in to SeAMK Campus, when you arrive in Seinäjoki. This is mandatory for all new international students.

  • Orientation Days

    Orientation days will start with a registration/check in on Monday 2 September 2024. Location is Frami F (brown building) by the info desk. Address is Kampusranta 11, Seinäjoki. Short campus tour will be also available.

    The orientation day programme will continue on Tuesday 3 September.

    Studies will start on Wednesday 4 September according to the schedules of each degree programme. You will get the schedules during orientation days.

  • Contact details

    The study counsellors will help you with any questions you might have concerning your studies.

    • Agri-food Engineering: Ms Sarita Ventelä, email: sarita.ventela (at)
    • Automation Engineering: Mr Jorma Mettälä, email: jorma.mettala (at)
    • International Business: Ms Päivi Uitti, email: paivi.uitti (at)
    • Nursing: Ms Suzana Zegrea, email: suzana.zegrea (at)
    • Master of Business Adm., International Business Management: Ms Essi Hauta, email: essi.hauta (at)


    With general matters concerning SeAMK, the city of Seinäjoki and Finland, you can contact Mr. Andres Mendez, international facilitator, email andres.mendez (at)

  • SeAMK Student Services

    SeAMK Student Services gives you general information and counselling about studying and, for example, about Study Certificates, Registration as a Student and Study Entitlement and Graduation.

    Contact information

    SeAMK Student Services
    Kampusranta 11 F, FI-60320 Seinäjoki. Tel: +358 (0) 20 124 5055,​​​​​​​
    Service Desk: Frami F building, 2nd floor

    Student Services’ intranet pages » 

  • Download Tuudo application

    From the Tuudo application, you can find, for example, the timetables of your classes as well as locations.

    The maps of all building on the SeAMK Campus are there as well as the lunch menus.

    You can also find important news and announcements there.

    Download the Tuudo app from your phone’s app store.

    Read more about Tuudo here »

  • SeAMK Intra intranet

    SeAMK Intra intranet is the place for all general information and news about SeAMK.

    There is a section called Students that as  all relevant information available for all SeAMK students.

    You can access the intranet, once you have received your credentials for SeAMK’s IT-systems.

Further information

Things to do before starting your studies at SeAMK