Cost of living in Seinäjoki

The monthly expenses for a student typically range from 600 to 900 euros. In Seinäjoki, the cost of living is lower compared to the southern region of Finland, specifically the capital area.

Seinäjoki is conveniently accessible, the capital Helsinki, is less than a three-hour train ride. However, residing comfortably in Seinäjoki is considerably more affordable. Below are a few instances of living expenses and leisure activities available in the city.

Estimated monthly budget of a student living in Seinäjoki

Rent 230-500 €
Food 200 €
Other expenses 150 €
TOTAL 600-900 €/ month

Lunch on SeAMK Campus costs 2,95 €.

Distances in Seinäjoki are short and you can go to most places by walking or using a bicycle. The payment for local transportation (bus) is aproxx. 35 €/ month.

Train tickets with student discount from Seinäjoki to different cities

Helsinki (capital) 20-30 €
Tampere 10-15 €
Vaasa 5-8 €
Oulu 25-35 €
Rovaniemi (Lapland) 35-45 €

Onnibus bus company is another economic transportation option. Bus tickets are often more affordable than train, starting from few euros if you book early enough. However, the travelling times can be much longer comparing to train.

Free time activities

There are a lot of local activities provided in Seinäjoki. The beautiful nature to explore is free, you can visit for example Kyrkösjärvi lake and Paukaneva nature route. The gym in Frami F is free for students to use.

Movies 10-15 €
Bowling (one hour) 17-30 €
Sports games (ice hockey, Finnish baseball, football, floorball) 5-15 €
Downhill skiing in Jouppiska, starting from 16-20 €
Eating in a restaurant 15-30 €
Swimming 5 €
Music concerts free - 30 €