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Health Services and Student Health Care

Health Services in Seinäjoki and in Finland

If you come from an EU/EAA country or from Switzerland, you should bring a European Health Insurance Card with you. The card ensures that you will get health care services with the same prices as Finnish citizens. All exchange students must have their own free-time insurance which covers accidents and illnesses outside school time.

If you come from a non-EU/EEA country you need to have a sufficient health insurance coverage. Further information at the Finnish Immigration Service.

Public Health Care Services, First Aid and Emergengy Services in Seinäjoki

  • General emergency number for ambulance, police and fire brigade: Tel. 112
  • First aid and on-call health care: Patients in need of urgent care can be taken to the on-call service at the Main Health Center (=terveyskeskus), Koskenalantie 18, 1 st floor (Y-building, next to Central Hospital), Seinäjoki, Tel. +358 6 425 5311 (between 8–20) and the Emergency Policlinic at the Central Hospital, address Koskenalantie 18 (Y-building), Seinäjoki, Tel. +358 6 415 4555 (between 20–8).
  • Further information: First Aid and Emergency Services in Seinäjoki

Health Care for International Students

  • Public Health Nurses in Schools

    Seinäjoki UAS offers Health and Welfare Services for its students in the address Keskuskatu 32i. There you can find two public health nurses’, doctor’s, psychologist’s and dental care services.

    Students in Seinäjoki:

    • Public Health Nurse Ms Mia Multamäki, Keskuskatu 32i, tel. +358 44 425 5125
    • Public Health Nurse Ms Sari Kjäll, Keskuskatu 32i, tel. +358 44 425 5707
    • Reception Mon-Fri at 8.30-10.00 without an appointment, other times you need to make an appointment.
    • Doctor´s appointment needs to be made via public health nurses.

    Seinäjoki Student Health Care on Seinäjoki City website


  • Dental Care

    Central Dental Clinic in Seinäjoki, address: Keskuskatu 32 K-stairway, Seinäjoki. Tel. +358 6 425 5425, Mon-Thu 7.45 – 15.00 and Fri 7.45 – 14.00

    On weekends in Seinäjoki:
    Address: Koskenalantie 18, 1st floor
    tel. +358 6 425 5428 (appointments can be made between 9.30-10.30)

  • Contraceptive Advice/Family Planning

    In Seinäjoki, phone number +358 6 425 5300


  • Medicines and Pharmacies

    Medicines are sold only at pharmacies. For prescriptions you need to see a doctor. Pharmacies in Seinäjoki: Seinäjoen Ykkösapteekki, address: Epstori-shopping centre, Kauppakatu 5, open every day 9.00–21.00 Seinäjoen Keskus-Apteekki, address: Suupohjantie 45, open Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00, Sat 9.00-17.00 and Sun 12.00-16.00 Törnävän Apteekki, address: Törnäväntie 20, open Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-14.00, Sun closed. Hyllykallio Apteekki, Prisma – shopping centre, address: Hyllykalliontie 2, open Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00, Sat 9.00-17.00 Pharmacy in Ilmajoki: Ilmajoen Apteekki, address: Keskustie 2, open Mon-Fri 8.30-19.00, Sat 8.30-14.00, Sun 11.00-13.00

  • Private doctor

    There are various private clinics in Seinäjoki and in other towns and municipalities. It costs about 70 euros to consult a private doctor. Check the coverage of your insurance!

Health Care for Exchange Students

  • Health Center of Seinäjoki

    In case of emergency call 112 (ambulance, police, fire brigade), if you need first aid.

    If there is no matter of life or death (for example ear pain, eye infection or sore throat), contact The Health Center of Seinäjoki (=terveyskeskus) Mon-Sun 8.00-20.00.

    Address: Koskenalantie 18, 1st floor
    Phone: +358 6 425 5311
    (Building Y, next to the Central Hospital)

  • First aid service clinic

    At night (20.00-8.00), contact the first aid service clinic at the Central Hospital (=keskussairaala).

    Address: Koskenalantie 18
    Phone: +358 6 415 4555

    Only patients whose treatment cannot be delayed without inflicting mortal danger or a serious deterioration of health caused by disease or illness, are treated at the first aid service clinic. It is not possible to make an appointment to the first aid clinic.


If you have a Municipality of Residence or European Health Inscurance Card (EHIC), the services of public health nurses are free of charge. In other cases the fee is € 78.
Doctor’s appointments are chargeable: the health centre fee with Municipality of Residence or EHIC is € 20.60 / per visit (will be charged only by three first visit/year). In other cases the fee is higher, € 146.

There is an extra payment of € 28.30 at the Health Centre Mon-Fri 20.00-22.00 and Sat-Sun.

An invoice will be mailed afterwards, cash payment is not possible. There is also a penalty fee of € 50.80 if an appointment is not cancelled. Dental care is also chargeable. Remember penalty fees!

Please note:
Fees are higher without Municipality of Residence or without European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), for example a doctor’s appointment at the health centre € 141.00, or psychologist € 78.00. In this case it might be useful to contact your own insurance company and check the possibility to use the services of a private clinic.

Remember to use your travel insurance if you have a serious accident.