Are you interested in practical project work? Would you like to solve assignments of com-panies and organisations together with a multidisciplinary project team and gain credit points? Would you like to develop into a project expert and have certificates from SeAMKPro projects or even earn a SeAMKPro project professional diploma in order to stand out in the crowd of job seekers? If your answer is yes, keep on reading!

What are SeAMKPro studies?

SeAMKPro studies consist of five-credit projects with authentic assignments from work life. Each multi-disciplinary project team consists of five members. You have the opportunity to take 1 – 5 SeAMKPro projects (5 – 25 cr) during your studies.

SeAMKPro projects will be arranged in each period during the academic year, also during the summer periods. Usually, a minimum of five projects from various fields are offered. Before the project starts, the personal skills of the project group members and the language of the project will be defined. Based on your skills, you can apply for projects which are of interest to you. Prior to the start of the project, you will find out in which kind of project you will be involved. This information makes it easier for you to include SeAMKPro studies into your personal study plan.

How are SeAMKPro projects implemented?

The value of each SeAMKPro project is five credits and they are completed during one period. The projects are executed according to the SeAMKPro project process. Before the project starts, the role of each participant will be defined: project manager, secretary and three project workers. Each project has a supervisor and possible other experts. First, the project group and the client arrange a meeting in which they specify the assignment. After the meeting, the project group develops a project plan, which needs to be approved by the client and the supervisor. Then, the project group starts to work according to the project plan. They are obliged to inform the client and their supervisor of their activities and schedule meetings. The results of the project will be presented and handed over to the client in an external meeting which is mandatory to all the parties. Additionally, a final project report will be drawn up and discussed in an internal meeting.

After completing SeAMKPro projects, students receive a project certificate for each project.

How can I get a SeAMKPro project professional diploma?

A SeAMKPro project professional diploma will be awarded to students who have taken a minimum of 23 credits multidisciplinary projects during their studies.

Studies which entitle to apply for the diploma:

  • Basics of project work (3 cr)
  • SeAMK InnovationWeek (2 cr)
  • Project activities in SeAMKPro (2 cr)
  • At least three SeAMKPro projetcs, each 5 cr
  • Participation in the Project Management Finnish Championship (online elimination 1 cr; additionally 1 cr if you take part in the competition)

Additionally, students have the option to certify their project skills in an event arranged at SeAMK by the Project Management Association.

Who can apply for SeAMKPro studies?

Eligible for SeAMKPro studies are all degree students of SeAMK, who have passed the courses Introduction to Project Work (3 cr) and SeAMK Innovation Week (2 cr) in the basic studies. Attendance at the course SeAMK Innovation Week is not expected from students who have started their studies before autumn 2017.

Before applying, please contact either the head of your degree program or your study counsellor to make sure that SeAMKPro studies are suited for your personal study plan.

Before participating in the first SeAMKPro project you should pass the online course Project Activities in SeAMKPro (2 cr). The first two weeks of each period are reserved for this course.

How to apply for SeAMKPro projects?

SeAMKPro projects will be published periodically and the project supply will be complemented in the course of time. Projects will be offered also in the summer period. The aim is to offer five projects in each period.

For each period, there is an own e-form for SeAMKPro projects. The application deadline is approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the period. Based on the selection interviews, five students will be chosen to each project.  The interviews take place immediately after the application deadline. The applicants will be informed about the selection results one week before the beginning of the period and project start.

SeAMKPro participants will be chosen according to their abilities to handle multi-disciplinary projects. The following points will be considered during the selection process: progress of the studies, past project experience, professional skills suitable for each project, communication and team working skills, skills in time management, commitment to the studies and motivation.

Application times for SeAMKPro projects in the academic year 2019-2020

Summer period, application deadline (notice: projects are only in finnish): 30th of April 2020 –> APPLY

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