SeAMK Career Day

Looking for new contacts? Are you interested in getting to know the companies in the area? Are you searching for an internship or a job? If so, then this is exactly the right place for you!

SeAMK Career Day is a great opportunity for students and for the staff to get to know and network with several companies at once. Companies and organizations are being our guests on February 1st, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Frami F (Lasipalatsi F144 and the lobby).

The companies and other organizations can familiarize themselves with the employees of the future and create contacts with the other companies and the staff of SeAMK by participating in the event. During the Career Day, a company or organization can present its activities, apply for makers e.g., for the development needs of its organization, or explain recruitment practices.

For students the day offers an amazing opportunity to network with working life in the region and a chance to really get to know to the companies face to face! You can ask about the company and discuss their current business and updates. Take up on this great opportunity and get acquainted with the companies!

The event is accommodating about 50 companies. Check the list of participants beforehand and be prepared to network with representatives of the companies and organizations during the day in a trade fair-like event. You can find the link to the list of participants from down at the end of this info. Be active and build your network with new contacts!

Up-to-date information about the event will be updated on this page.

See you at Career Day!

Scroll down the page to find the list – The company descriptions are mostly in Finnish.
SeAMK Career Day