Short courses

Several short-term intensive programmes are arranged by SeAMK every academic year. Some of them are organized together with SeAMK’s international partner institutions. Courses are taught fully in English.

The Open University of Applied Sciences offers a flexible way to complete courses of Bachelor Degree or Master Degree Programmes regardless of educational background and age.

Intensive Courses

The content, participation criteria and other relevant information concerning the intensive programme in question will be published when opening a call for an intensive course application. Read more here »

Open UAS Studies

In the SeAMK Open University of Applied Sciences, you can study specific subjects you are interested in, or subjects you need in order to maintain and improve your professional competencies. Read more here »

POLKU Studies at SeAMK

POLKU Studies refer to the option in which you complete the first year’s studies of some Degree Programme at Open University of Applied Sciences, after or during which you apply as a regular student for the Degree Programme. Read more here »

How to Apply?

The admission to the above-mentionded studies happens usually through registration or by filling in an application form. More information about applying can be found on the specific course or study pages above.

Why to choose SeAMK?

At SeAMK, you study near the city centre of Seinäjoki on the beautiful Frami Campus. We value our students and the quality of teaching is high. We invest in internationality, and our teaching emphasises entrepreneurship and working life orientation. We are one of the nation’s top in terms of employment after graduation. According to a recent (2019) National Student Feedback Survey, SeAMK has the best study satisfaction in Finland, the best study support services and the best learning environments.

For international students we offer degree programmes, exchange studies, shorter intensive courses and open UAS studies. It is also possible to apply to SeAMK as a transfer student from another Finnish University of Applied Sciences.

See you soon at SeAMK!

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