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Teaching on SeAMK's campus starts in August - Read the safety instructions

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Frami Kampus in Seinäjoki

We at SeAMK will return to Frami Campus in August. It is likely that the Government will make new recommendations on coronavirus restrictions. Naturally, SeAMK follows the recommendations.

The development of the coronavirus situation is monitored daily at SeAMK. The Security Management Team meets at least weekly and is ready to take the necessary measures to ensure safe operation in all circumstances. Any changes to the current policies will be communicated when necessary.

Classroom teaching and examinations that require supervision are carried out using the hybrid method that combines different teaching methods. SeAMK’s students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected from infection by enabling a safe study and work environment. To achieve this, each member of our SeAMK community is required to commit to our common rules:

  • We will come to campus only when completely healthy
  • We take care of good hand and coughing hygiene
  • We maintain safe distances in all situations
  • We do not shake hands
  • In special situations where it is not possible to maintain safe distances, SeAMK offers protective equipment