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Teaching on SeAMK's campus starts in August - Read the safety instructions

We at SeAMK will return to Frami Campus in August. It is likely that the Government will make new recommendations on coronavirus restrictions. Naturally, SeAMK follows the recommendations.

The development of the coronavirus situation is monitored daily at SeAMK. The Security Management Team meets at least weekly and is ready to take the necessary measures to ensure safe operation in all circumstances. Any changes to the current policies will be communicated when necessary.

Classroom teaching and examinations that require supervision are carried out using the hybrid method that combines different teaching methods. SeAMK’s students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected from infection by enabling a safe study and work environment. To achieve this, each member of our SeAMK community is required to commit to our common rules:

  • We will come to campus only when completely healthy
  • We take care of good hand and coughing hygiene
  • We maintain safe distances in all situations
  • We do not shake hands
  • In special situations where it is not possible to maintain safe distances, SeAMK offers protective equipment

Don’t come to campus when sick, suffering from flu symptoms or possible exposed to the coronavirus

You are not allowed to come to the campus if you are sick or you have flu symptoms, or you are possible exposed to the coronavirus.

If you have symptoms:

  • If you have severe symptoms, contact the Emergency Service 116117 or the Emergency Centre 112 in life-threatening situations.
  • If you have symptoms suggestive of respiratory inflammation, first perform a symptom assessment of coronavirus disease on the Omaolo service (en) and follow the given instructions.
  • If you suspect you have been exposed to coronavirus, do not come to the campus but contact 116117.

Hand and coughing hygiene

Every member of the SeAMK community contributes to good hand hygiene. Careful and repeated hand washing and use of hand sanitisers are an important part of SeAMK’s daily routines. Hands are washed as soon as you arrive on campus or, if that is not possible, hand sanitiser is used. Hand washing or disinfection is always done when moving from one room to another.

Hand sanitisers are placed all over SeAMK, but it is good if students and staff also have a small bottle or wipes with them all the time.

A disposable handkerchief is used for coughing and sneezing, after which it is immediately put in the trash. If you haven’t got a handkerchief, cough or sneeze on your sleeve but not on your hands. Remember also that you should not come to campus at all if you are sick or you have flu symptoms.

Adequate safety distances in all activities

Adequate safety distances are always maintained on campus. The recommended safety distance is at least one meter. Adequate safety distances must also be maintained when staying or queuing in corridors and lobby areas.

Safe distances must also be kept in break and coffee rooms. Staying in these facilities should be kept to a minimum. The number of people in these facilities is limited. The facilities are entered and exited through hand disinfection or hand washing.

Adequate safety distances between students are maintained in the examination rooms. You must not come to the exam, if you are sick or you have flu symptoms.

Cleaning and wiping of surfaces

Cleaning has already been enhanced at SeAMK. However, it alone is not enough to keep all surfaces clean in SeAMK’s everyday life. Our common task is to wipe certain surfaces after use (e.g. shared computers on campus). Disinfectant wipes are available on the facilities to wipe the surfaces. The number of people has been limited in the EXAM-rooms and the gym.

Services available on campus

The SeAMK library (open in August at 9-16 and from August 31 onwards at 9-18) and Student services as well as EXAM-rooms serves normally both on Frami campus and online. Adequate safety distances and good hand hygiene must be maintained on these premises.

The gym has also been opened, but the number of simultaneous users of the gym is limited to five (5) people. There are hygiene instructions for users on the premises.

Study Counsellors, Heads of Degree Programmes, Student service staff, Study Psychologist and Student Pastor will meet their clients on campus, taking into account SeAMK’s safety guidelines in their activities. The services are also available online.

Sodexo’s restaurants will open on August 17 in Kampustalo and on August 24 in Frami F. Number of chairs will be reduced and mealtimes will be divided between classes. Please note that in the future, the payment is only possible with a payment card or mobile payment in both of Sodexo’s restaurants.

Café Tsumppi opens on August 24. Furniture arrangements will be made in the café, number of chairs will be reduced, and safety distances will be taken into account.


For the time being, meetings will continue to be held primarily remotely, but it will also be possible to meet physically whenever appropriate in accordance with the safety instructions. It is always possible to attend meetings also remotely (e.g. Teams).

Travels abroad

Student or staff mobility periods or other trips abroad are not carried out during the autumn semester.

Students and staff should also consider the risks associated with private travel abroad. This may require a two-week quarantine period during which you cannot enter the campus. For quarantine, we follow the instructions of the authorities.


Orientations for the first-year students on August 24th

The joint events of the first-year students’ Orientation Day on August 24th will be held on Frami Campus. Students will be divided into several auditoriums and classrooms, into which the common part of the event will be livestreamed.


 Safety is taken into an account e.g. by limiting the number of users of the facilities, by increasing the possibility to follow teaching remotely, by alternating participation in classroom teaching and by increasing the possibilities of distance learning. Conference speakers (Jabra) have been acquired for all classrooms during the summer, which enables some students to follow the teaching remotely. The classrooms have a maximum number of students.

More information is available on the intranet (link opens only for SeAMK students and staff)

Changes are possible if the situation requires it.

You can ask for more information by e-mail: korona@seamk.fi

SeAMK’s Security Management Team



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