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Information on coronavirus - Covid-19

The Security Management Team of SeAMK monitors the coronavirus situation daily and is ready to take the necessary measures to ensure safe operation in all circumstances. Any changes to the current policies will be communicated when necessary. Communication related to the coronavirus situation is managed by SeAMK’s Security Management Team.

Read the safety instructions

SeAMK’s students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected from infection by enabling a safe study and work environment. To achieve this, each member of our SeAMK community is required to commit to our common rules:

  • We will come to campus only when completely healthy
  • We use face masks (or protective visors, if you cannot use face masks due to health reasons) on the Campus.
  • We observe safety distances.
  • We take care of good hand and coughing hygiene.
  • We do not shake hands.

SeAMK strongly recommends that the members of our community take the coronavirus vaccinations.

Spring 2022 teaching to begin mainly in distance mode

Teaching in the spring of 2022 begins largely in distance learning mode. Contact teaching in small groups will be provided for laboratories, simulations, practical exercises, and other similar small group studies, as well as for student groups starting their degree programme studies in January 2022. This guideline is valid at this stage until 31 January 2022.

“We constantly assess the situation and take into account the recommendations of the health authorities for higher education. The guideline has also been discussed with local health authorities”, says Jaakko Hallila, President & CEO of SeAMK.

SeAMK requires the use of face masks on the Campus. SeAMK offers face masks for these situations. Instead of the face mask offered by SeAMK, own face mask can always be used, or for health reasons, a protective visor (at own expense). Attention must be paid to safety distances, good hand and cough hygiene, the use of face masks, and coming to Campus only when healthy. SeAMK also strongly recommends coronavirus vaccines for the members of its community.

Guideline changes are still possible. Students and staff will find more detailed information on the SeAMK Intra intranet.

New students starting their studies

More detailed information for those starting their studies can be found at website on pages Practical Information for Students and Academic Information for Students.

As the epidemic situation changes, the guidelines may need to be changed quickly. Please, constantly follow SeAMK’s coronavirus instructions on the SeAMK Intra intranet. Please, read also our safety instructions.

Let’s take care of our safety together

Detailed safety instructions are available on the intranet (link opens only for SeAMK students and staff).


Changes are possible if the situation so requires.

You can ask for more information by e-mail:

SeAMK’s Security Management Team



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