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Research and Innovation Leads to Development

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) conducts research, development and innovation (RDI) with a distinctly practical emphasis, serving teaching and supporting industrial small and medium enterprises (SME) and service production within the region. In addition, SeAMK’s RDI supports the implementation of Smart Specialization Strategy of South Ostrobothnia.

RDI is carried out in co-operation with regional and national enterprises and organizations. Student involvement in RDI projects is vital to their studies and their objectives of becoming acknowledged experts in their fields. Nearly 100 persons-years have been invested in RDI work annually. Approximately 70% of the RDI funding comes from external sources. Roughly 10% of RDI projects have international funding and are conducted with international partners.

SeAMK's RDI in figures.
SeAMK's RDI in figures.

SeAMK's Expertise in RDI

RDI profile areas.

The profile areas guide the activity of RDI. They are also linked with the faculties.


SeAMK supports the Smart Specialization Strategy of South Ostrobothnia in the following fields:


At SeAMK, we participate in many international projects as well as manage our own RDI projects on yearly basis.

Contact Information of RDI

Elina Varamäki




Anne-Maria Mäkelä

Senior Advisor, International RDI



Seliina Päällysaho

Research Manager



Sirkku Uusimäki

R&D Service Manager



School of Business and Culture

Pauliina Talvitie

Research and Development Manager



School of Food and Agricultre

Taru Mäki

Research and Development Manager



School of Health Care and Social Work

Jaakko Hallila

Research and Development Manager



School of Technology

Ari Sivula

Research and Development Manager