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Research and Innovation Leads to Development

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) conducts research, development and innovation (RDI) with a distinctly practical emphasis, serving teaching and supporting industrial small and medium enterprises (SME) and service production, especially within South Ostrobothnia region. Therefore SeAMK’s  RDI supports the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy of South Ostrobothnia (pdf).

RDI is carried out in co-operation with regional, national, and EU level enterprises and organizations. Student involvement in RDI projects is vital to their studies and their objectives of becoming acknowledged experts in their fields. Annually SeAMK implements over 100 externally funded projects. External funding amounts to 4 million euros per year. Roughly 25% of RDI projects have international funding. Many of the projects are also conducted with international partners.

SeAMK’s Expertise in RDI

SeAMK supports the Smart Specialization Strategy of South Ostrobothnia in:

  • Creativity and Health
  • Entrepreneurship and Growth
  • Smart Technologies
  • Sustainable Food Solutions

SeAMK’s competencies in the above areas focus on:

Profile areas of SeAMK.

Research groups

SeAMK has nine research groups whose activities include both research and development work. The research groups are based on SeAMK’s areas of expertise and themes important to the success of the region of South Ostrobothnia. Research groups include 15-40 experts. The goal of the research groups is to bring together SeAMK’s expertise in various fields, obtain external funding for research and development projects, make the expertise known and network nationally and internationally, and increase the effectiveness of RDI activities.

SeAMK’s research groups are:

  • Growth Entrepreneurship and Business Transfers
  • Tourism and Experience Business Developmet
  • Digital Factory
  • Future Vehicle Technologies
  • Sustainable and Responsible Food Production
  • Food Safety and Food Technology
  • Inclusive Society and Working Life
  • Health Promotion and Care
  • Wellbeing Technology

Research permit

When the research is aimed at SeAMK staff or students, the author of the research must apply for a research permit. See further instructions and the application form here.

Contact Information of SeAMK RDI

Henkilökuva Elina Varamäestä.

Elina Varamäki

Vice President





Nainen seisoo kädet lanteilla, huivi kaulassa.

Pauliina Talvitie

Research and Development Manager, Entrepreneurship and Growth





Punahiuksinen nainen seisoo sivuttain ja hymyilee.

Taru Mäki

Research and Development Manager, Natural Resources and Bioeconomy





Tummahiuksinen nainen seisoo käsi lanteilla.

Katja Valkama

Principal Lecturer





Mies sininen puku päällä.

Jukka Mattila

Research and Development Manager, Digitalisation and Smart Technologies





Tumma, silmälasipäinen nainen seisoo käsi lanteillaan.

Seliina Päällysaho

Research Manager





Vaaleahiuksinen nainen seisoo käsi lanteilla hieman vinosti kameraan.

Sirkku Uusimäki

Expert, Business Services