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Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

Apply to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland and become an international Registered Nurse (RN)!

The Bachelor Degree Programme in Nursing provides the means for the student to receive a Registered Nurse (RN) qualification. Registered Nurses, are nursing experts in various health care and social working environments. Their main task is to promote and maintain health, as well as to prevent illness. They care for and rehabilitate ill individuals, their close ones, families and communities.

SeAMK’s the best university of applied sciences in Finland

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) is once again the best university of applied sciences in Finland in the 2022 results of the nationwide graduation feedback survey (AVOP). According to the graduates of a bachelor’s degree, SeAMK has the best study satisfaction, the best contents of studies, the best learning environments as well as the best study support services and working life connections. In the areas of internationality, work life counselling, internship and thesis, SeAMK reached the second highest place. In this nationwide survey, students evaluate and provide feedback on completed studies. (Source:

Nursing studies

  • Degree: Bachelor of Health Care
  • Length of studies: 210 ECTS Credits, 3,5 years

How to apply

You can find more information on applications on How to apply-page. Information on eligibility (who may apply), admission criteria and the application form can be found on Studyinfo website. 

Nursing Suits You, If You Are Interested in the Following Aspects:

  • a profession as Registered Nurse (RN)
  • knowing the responsibilities of RN in nursing settings
  • ethicality in nursing
  • supporting, helping and caring for healthy and sick human beings of all ages
  • development of evidence-based nursing
  • nursing in multicultural settings
  • ability to work as a member of multiprofessional teams
  • usage of e-health services and modern technology in nursing
  • achieving good skills both in English and Finnish

The programme includes theoretical tuition, laboratory skills, simulation and supervised practical training according to EU-directives. Practical training periods can partly be conducted abroad.

Your Studies of Nursing Include the Following Competences

  • client-centered
  • ethics and professionalism in Nursing
  • leadership and entrepreneurship
  • clinical nursing
  • evidence-based practice and decision making
  • patient education and guidance
  • promotion of health and functional ability
  • awareness of health care and social services
  • safety and quality of health care and social services (source: Eriksson 2015, Sairaanhoitajan ammattillinen osaaminen)

How Are Your Nursing Studies Organised?

These studies are implemented in multimodal form, which means that the student must be oriented to independent studies. The student is expected to be present at SeAMK in School of Health Care and Social Work every other week on Wednesdays and on Thursdays (in odd-numbered weeks). These days include theoretical lessons, skills labs, and simulations. Every other week on Wednesday (even-numbered weeks) there is an online day, which includes lectures and seminars. It is also possible to increase the number of contact days in second and third year in case students are missing skills that are needed in nursing.

Theory lessons are mainly held online, including online lessons, seminars, and independent studies. Studies include 75-90 ECTS practical training. Trainings take place in Southern-Ostrobothnia area.

The programme is taught and conducted mainly in English, but Nursing degree programme applicants are required to have basic Finnish skills (level A2). Link to the Common European Framework of reference for language. The English and Finnish skills are also tested in the entrance exam.

Finnish language will be used during practical training periods. The practical training is carried out in Finnish speaking organisations during the studies.

Professional literature used during the studies is mainly written in English. Learning methods depend on the topics, e.g. students practice nursing skills in laboratory and simulation settings.

The practical training periods are arranged in various nursing settings, both in Finland and abroad, for a total amount of 75 ECTS. In Finland practical training is mainly in Finnish. During the practical training, theoretical and practical knowledge in nursing is combined.

Job Opportunities for Registered Nurses in Finland

The degree programme provides excellent employment opportunities in the health care sector all around the world. In Finland, Registered Nurses work in hospitals, health centres, elderly homes, various areas of home care, rehabilitation centres, in both the public and private sectors, in the voluntary sector, as well as entrepreneurs.

In Finland, the Social and Health Care Reform requires the ability and skills to function in multiprofessional working contexts.

Seinäjoki – Entrepreneurial, active and affordable city for students

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences is located on SeAMK Campus in Frami area, where students from all fields of education can interact and enjoy one of the most modern and beautiful campuses in Finland. Student housing and the city centre are a convenient walking distance from the campus. The Frami area is also a home to a number of high tech companies, which helps you get familiar with your future employers.

The fast growing city of Seinäjoki is the heart of the region of South Ostrobothnia and is easily accessible via public transportation through major routes. Even though the capital of Helsinki is less than three hours away by train, choosing to stay and live comfortably in Seinäjoki can be much more convenient and affordable.

FINEEC Excellence. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has awarded SeAMK the Quality Label for Excellence in higher education for enhancement work of an exceptional quality.

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