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Welcome to the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences - SeAMK!

We have gathered here some information about SeAMK, our study possibilities and on how you can apply to SeAMK. For International students, we offer degree programmes, exchange studies, shorter intensive courses and open UAS studies. It is also possible to apply to SeAMK as a transfer student from another Finnish University of Applied Sciences.

See you soon at SeAMK!

Why to choose SeAMK?

At SeAMK, you study near the city centre of Seinäjoki on the beautiful Frami Campus. We value our students and the quality of teaching is high. We invest in internationality, and our teaching emphasises entrepreneurship and working life orientation. We are one of the nation’s top in terms of employment after graduation.

According to the Graduand feedback questionnaire (AVOP 2020)SeAMK is the best university of applied sciences in Finland. SeAMK has the best study satisfaction, the best study support services, the best learning environments and the best feedback and assessment practices.

Change your future for the better – Choose SeAMK!

This is SeAMK!