Entry Formalities

Different permits and processes, such as residence permit for studies, visa, mobility notification or registration of stay, may be needed for entering Finland and staying in the country. The process depends on the nationality of the individual, the length of stay and the reasons for entering the country. Each student must themself check the need for entry permits and/or registration of stay. For this purpose, please see www.migri.fi/en (Finnish Immigration Service, Migri) and https://um.fi/entering-finland-and-travelling-abroad (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland).

Finnish personal identity code

Every student at SeAMK needs to have a Finnish personal identity code. It is needed in a variety of situations, for example for the study register Peppi which is used at SeAMK, payment of wages, salaries and fees and when using health care services. The code is also essential in bank transactions, and the bank will require it if you are opening an account in Finland. You can apply for the Finnish identity code either already before your arrival, during the residence permit application process and/or EU citizen’s registration process with Migri, or at latest after your arrival at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV). Each student informs SeAMK Student Services when they get their Finnish identity code for updating the information to the study register.

Please notice: Exchange students are instructed on the DVV registration process during the orientation days right after their arrival, and taken to DVV office in groups by the International Mobility Services team.

Right to work

EU citizens can work while studying in Finland and do not need to acquire a special work permit to do so.
Students with a residence permit granted for study purposes may work within certain limits.
Further information: Finnish Immigration Service.